Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sail Away

Me and my fiance went to star plaza today with his family to meet his friend from China, they met when he went and his brother in law went to China 6 years ago, they became friends with him after that, actually it was kinda surprise visit because he didn't know that he was coming, we dined at star plaza's karaoke room and they asked me if i could sing a chinese song... luckily i still know the lyrics of the song i sang i think 5 years ago.... and it went well I think...teehee... :) As for the outfit, went for a sailor look, actually the dress was sitting in my closet for years now but I haven't been able to use it cause i don't like the style, but last night while i was cleaning my closet, I saw the dress and I thought it will look good with my new black polka dot sailor cardigan, so it gave it a try. :) yeah and i think it looks okay. :) I added a black belt so I can have a shape because the dress is kinda "preggy look" or whatever you call it, don't know what it is. lol :) That's all about it!! xoxo :)

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