Monday, April 5, 2010


Went to Baguio City last April 4, we left at around 3pm and arrived at 5pm in Baguio, it was so traffic good thing my brother is good at traffics haha!! he has his way of getting through other cars, they were laughing at me telling me "first time mo?" cause i was taking pictures on the way's for this blog actually. Went home at around 9pm... i miss my baguio days, my college life there,... i miss the weather too...wish i was still a student haha!!!! it was really cold there, i didn't expect it cause it was freaking hot here in Dagupan.... :) i really really want the weather there... btw, bought a skin food bb cream, high waist shorts and shoes at sm, idk if the bb cream is a good product, i don't really put stuffs on my face, just moisturizer, lip and cheek tint johnson's baby powder and liquid eyeliner are for me, i dont even use a pressed powder haha!!.. well i wish this bb cream thingy is a good idea...haha... xoxo...:)

This is the bb cream i bought from skinfood.

These are the items i bought from SM, high waist shorts and brown shoe boots.

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